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  • HIPÂ

    Habitat Innovant pour Personnes Âgées "Marles-les-Mines - (FR)"

    The HIPÂ project "Habitat Innovant pour Personnes Âgées" is a demonstration space dedicated to healthy ageing and autonomy for elderly people at home. This project is led by Clubster NSL, a network of companies and care organizations, in partnership with La Vie Active, an association of social health-care institution. This demonstration flat is located in the Résidence Autonomie Le Bon Air in Marles-Les-Mines (Pas-de-Calais; FRANCE). The flat is equipped with products and technologies from Clubster NSL's member companies, in an entirely new collaborative approach.


    This space of innovation and practice allows for " real life " experimentation and testing of technological aids. These respond to the challenges of ageing well (accessibility, ergonomics, comfort and safety) by offering safety devices and technologies to prevent and detect risk situations and to promote social interaction.

    Objectives of the pilot :

    HIPÂ is a place for information, training and experimentation. Indeed, this flat is open to the public: elderly people, family carers, medical and social professionals, social landlords, etc. A dedicated host allows the planning of personalised visits. This place is therefore a living demonstration space, designed to inform and guide the elderly on all the technical aids and technological and digital tools from which they can benefit. It is a direct access point for information on the prevention of loss of autonomy. The user can also discover the flat in a digital version and download the guides dedicated to healthy ageing, the innovation guide and the financial aid guide.


    Expected results ?

    250 visits on site

    2K visits online


    Link to a website / videos

    To discover the online visit : https://www.appartement-hipa.fr/visite-360/

    To plan a visit on site : https://www.appartement-hipa.fr/visiter-lappartement/



    Project Manager

    Marion MENAY / +33 9 78 31 55 92 / mmenay@clubster-nsl.com


    Bastien HERBEZ / +33 7 86 35 67 99 / contact@appartement-hipa.fr