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    Pilot flats, connected kitchen and adapted public space
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    Habitat Innovant pour Personnes Âgées "Marles-les-Mines - (FR)"


    The HIPÂ project "Habitat Innovant pour Personnes Âgées" is a demonstration space dedicated to healthy ageing and autonomy for elderly people at home. This project is led by Clubster NSL, a network of companies and care organizations, in partnership with La Vie Active, an association of social health-care institution. This demonstration flat is located in the Résidence Autonomie Le Bon Air in Marles-Les-Mines (Pas-de-Calais; FRANCE). The flat is equipped with products and technologies from Clubster NSL's member companies, in an entirely new collaborative approach.


    This space of innovation and practice allows for " real life " experimentation and testing of technological aids. These respond to the challenges of ageing well (accessibility, ergonomics, comfort and safety) by offering safety devices and technologies to prevent and detect risk situations and to promote social interaction.

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    Objectives of the pilot

    HIPÂ is a place for information, training and experimentation. Indeed, this flat is open to the public: elderly people, family carers, medical and social professionals, social landlords, etc. A dedicated host allows the planning of personalised visits. This place is therefore a living demonstration space, designed to inform and guide the elderly on all the technical aids and technological and digital tools from which they can benefit. It is a direct access point for information on the prevention of loss of autonomy. The user can also discover the flat in a digital version and download the guides dedicated to healthy ageing, the innovation guide and the financial aid guide.


    Expected results ?

    250 visits on site

    2K visits online

    Link to a website / videos

    To discover the online visit : https://www.appartement-hipa.fr/visite-360/

    To plan a visit on site : https://www.appartement-hipa.fr/visiter-lappartement/


    Project Manager

    Marion MENAY / +33 9 78 31 55 92 / mmenay@clubster-nsl.com


    Bastien HERBEZ / +33 7 86 35 67 99 / contact@appartement-hipa.fr

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    Mintus Brugge

    Two houses completely renovated and functionally laid out so that they are fully wheelchair accessible "Bruges (B)"


    As a welfare association, Mintus offers a care continuum that is close to the care recipient. We are there for all residents of the Bruges region who are confronted with a temporary or permanent demand for care. We pay special attention to vulnerable population groups.


    Mintus, together with the City and OCMW (the Social Service Department) of Bruges, focuses on social innovation, wants to break through isolation, guarantee an adapted range of services at neighborhood level and focus on ergonomics and care technology at home.

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    Wheelchair accessibility and call system

    The adjustments in our homes offer inspiration and an answer to possible physical limitations, present ideas for renovating your own house. Both houses have been completely renovated and functionally laid out so that they are fully wheelchair accessible. In Noord-Gistelhof, for example, the back door is used to enter. The front door is too narrow and may not be modified for the sake of heritage value.


    The doorways have been adjusted in width, so that optimum circulation is possible in the house. Thresholds at the front door and inside the house were removed.


    The following adaptations were provided for people with physical disabilities: walk-in/drive-in showers, wheelchair accessible washbasin, taps with easy operation (long lever), a folding support rail on the toilet, sockets and switches at a maximum height of 80cm, high-low kitchens – electrical control – customizable, and lowered operation of the windows (so they can be used from a seated position).


    In these houses we opted for underfloor heating, which means that no radiators can be seen. Of course, this is possible in larger homes.


    For aging residents or people with care needs, a modern emergency call system is provided in both homes. This system offers more comfort and safety for the resident. He or she can easily make contact with relatives or care providers (e.g. video calling). Through this system, a user can quickly make an emergency call by pressing a button on a wristband/watch/necklace/call button.


    The push buttons must be located in important places in the home and easily accessible. You have them installed according to your own choice. A call button can work both wired and wireless.


    This system is linked to the lighting of the home. The lights can show the person in need what is happening with their call. For example, color codes indicate that a call has been received properly or that help is already on the way.


    The emergency call system can be connected to the access control of the doors. The door can therefore be opened automatically to let in the emergency services, informal caregiver or professional care provider. In the demo homes, the system is connected to the call system of WZC De Potterie, but a link with a caregiver or other care person is perfectly possible.


    Furthermore, expansion options tailored to the user can be provided. A sensor in the bedroom can detect that there has been no movement for several hours. In that case, the system automatically sends a call to the exchange, so that someone can check whether there is possibly a problem.


    The speech feedback module offers the possibility to have a conversation via the loudspeakers in the home. In this way, immediately after the call, the nature of the problem can be determined or the resident can be reassured. In summary: it is a 'state-of-the-art system'.

    Objectives of the pilot

    The homes in Maagdendal 16 and Noord-Gistelhof 3 were set up as demo homes to introduce visitors to possible structural and ergonomic adjustments, the use of intelligent (sensor) technology and supportive care technology. The resident is therefore assisted in the field of accessibility, safety, connection and general well-being.

    Link to a website / videos

    The demo homes can be visited by residents of Bruges during the months of July, August and September 2022. In the homes, visitors will also be introduced to additional care technology possibilities, the healthcare technologist and the 'Longer at home in your own house' service.


    The demo homes can be visited virtually thanks to a digital 360° tour. You can find them here:


    Ann Vandycke

    Consultant Architect - Technical service Mintus


    Lieve Wouters

    Architect - Technical Service /Engineering Office Mintus


    Margot De Jonghe

    healthcare technologist Mintus


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    Habitat du littoral

    Adapted flats for seniors "Boulogne-sur-Mer - (FR)"


    Habitat is a social housing stakeholder inthe Boulogne sur mer area. Thanks to the Age in project they adapted several
    flats for seniors with different devices:


    - One flat has been adapted fordisabled seniors (Beaucerf), in a specific area of Boulogne that has been targeted at the beginning of the project. The flat access and the common rooms are equipped with home automation devices.


    - 4 flats on the ground floorlocated Beaurepaire area (Auvergne) have been refurbished


    - Another flat has been equippedwith specific home automation devices for deaf people.

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    Objectives of the pilot

    provide seniors with a better adapted housingoffer

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    Tenants feedback have been collected for each allocatedflat in order to find out what time of devices should be developed on a larger scale.


    Tenant feedback example


    Frédérique Bouko




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