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    How can technology support ageing in place in healthy older adults? A systematic review :

    Technology for aging in place 2019 Market overview :

    Screening methodology

    Presentation of the housing enabler

    Joint strategy to detect isolated seniors and identify their specific needs

    At the beginning of the AGE’IN project the mutual objective was clear: we wanted to detect elderly people experiencing loneliness and develop actions in our neighbourhoods to connect them. But how do you monitor the process you work on in a neighbourhood? How do you visualise change in the short and long term? How do you show that the interventions you are developing, have an impact? We decided it was more valuable to work with ‘impact monitoring’ tools rather than ‘impact measurement’ methodologies. We wanted to propose a detection strategy, test our hypothesises, adapt the strategy when necessary and end up with a framework that has a strong impact on our local communities. The ‘Theory of Change’ proved to be a framework that answered these questions.

    Screening of districts

    In France, a study has been done on the whole boulogne district council (22 communes) : it is a diagnostic on the type of housing per neighborhood + portion of seniors in the population per neighborhood in order to plan strategies for the future regarding housing for seniors.

    Guidelines for public authorities to better adapt public spaces

    BDCO has been working in collaboration with innovative cities from the VADA (Aged friendly cities) network and with the city of Bruges and has produced a summary on how to adapt public space to elderly people…